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Khyber Institute of Child Health

The Khyber Institute of Child Health (KICH), located at Hayatabad Peshawar, is a pioneering institute in the field of child health which was being established in January 2011. This institute is 1st of its kind as a hub for clinical, preventive, research and training facilities for the whole province of KP in the field of child health. The Khyber Institute of Child Health is the academic wing of twin phase project, while the children hospital 300 bedded is to be completed in 2018 as phase-II. This hospital will be a super-sub specialties hospital in clinical pediatrics.

The Institute provides the following facilities to public, under graduate, post graduate, doctors, nurses and paramedics. It also assists the Govt. of KP in planning health policies, plying advocacy role as front-line in child health.

A provincial database on Paediatric morbidity and mortality

A research and monitoring center

A public Health Education Department including FM radio station

A Media Centre on Child health and Development

A Reference-cum-digital Library

Conference Rooms

Symposia Halls

Class / tutorial rooms

Administrative offices

Research Laboratories

Screening Programs for the Prevention Beta Thalassemia , congenital hypothyroidism and common metabolic disorders (PKU) and Galactosemia. UPDATE

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Mission Statement

Providing a vision for comprehensive child health, incorporating, monitoring and evaluating mechanisms.

Interventions based on scientific evidence through collection of data and conducting operational research.

Promotion of healthy infant and child rearing practices through the introduction of public/community health education.

Improving the quality of pediatric care through the enhancement of the knowledge, attitude and practices of the trained manpower in the field of child health.


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Senior Paediatrician

Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad
Prof. Dr. Meher Taj Roghani
Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed
Prof. Dr. Gohar Rehman